Let’s understand the importance of colors through the best example: food. Ever realized how food that is presented well makes us feel hungry and want to devour the whole plate? That’s because the colors of the dish complement each other and bring out the beauty, and well, there’s flavorsome presence too!

Now, let’s take colors to the realm of branding and marketing. There are some colors and certain hues that grab our attention at the first glance. And then there are colors that we just want to avoid. Moreover, a color that looks good on paper may not necessarily look so amazing on a webpage.

The colors we choose for our brand leave a lasting impact on our client’s’ mind. Have you noticed how Nikon, IMDb, Chevrolet, Cat, all have yellow logos? That’s because the color yellow is associated with happiness. Harley-Davidson, on the other hand have an orange logo, that’s because orange is the color of confidence.
For youthful appeal and making a bold statement, you should choose to go for red color; just the way Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Canon, Lego, Netflix and others chose to go with.

On the other hand, blue is the color of strength, trust and dependability and that’s why brands like Dell, hp, Facebook, WordPress, NASA, GE, IBM, Pfizer, Oral-B and many other brands chose to opt for this color.

Tropicana, Monster, Animal Planet, Spotify, bp, Land Rover and many other brands opted for the green color because it depicts peace, health and growth.

And then there are brands such a Honda, Cartoon Network, Apple, Wikipedia, Nike, Puma etc that chose to go for a monochrome logo as it a symbol of neutrality, peace and balance.

And it’s not only about what these colors depict. We also know that the color trends tend to vary for men and women. So you’ll also need to keep your target audience in mind to prepare the logo and choose the colors accordingly.

Your brand logo and the color of your brand should complement with the nature of your business.
Another point that must keep in mind is that colors also have a cultural impact. Different culture associate different colors with many rituals and thus, you’ll need to keep this in mind as well while designing your brand name.

Many studies have been conducted in the realm of color psychology. It is proved that color has a huge impact on creating a brand identity. Marketing researchers have also suggested that it is really important for new brands to explicitly target logo colors that that are different from your well-established competitors. For example: If your competitors use blue, going for purple will be a wise decision.

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